Latest Living Room Trends 2016

Residential Villa or apartment Living Room Wall Painting Services in Dubai - Trend 1 home interior painting

Living rooms are supposed to be where we pack the fullness of the beauty of home interior painting. This is where visitors get to assess and admire your home. A badly painted living room wall can mar general home interior painting outlook even if it was well painted.

One of the best paints to use for your home interior wall painting is the elegant paint. Black depicts authority and control and that’s what people see in your living room. Your settee, whatever color it is, your electronics and your shelves, will all stand out against the elegant wall painting. Our home interior painting services are carried out by the best painters in Dubai whether it is home interior villa painting or a 1 bedroom apartment, as the best painting Company in Dubai, we guarantee you only the best home interior painting done to your taste.

Color Reference:

Wall: Elegant 1434



Residential Villa or apartment Living RoomWall Painting Services in Dubai - Trend 3 home interior painting

As interior painting trends are changing worldwide, so should your home interior. Say you have a marble floor with light brown color and a wall frames that are mostly dark colored, you might want to exhibit those against an ash-color wall painting like the Evening Sky. Perfectly formulated to blend with any item you place on them, the Evening Sky is just one of the many options available for interior home paintings. If you need someone to deliver a good Dubai painting job executed to taste, we invite you to try our interior home painting services at Osprey homes. We are the best home interior painting company in Dubai and our villa painting jobs are first to reckon with in Dubai and environs. Not only will we up-tune your interior to the latest trends, we also guarantee a job done to international standards.

Color Reference:
Wall: Evening Sky 1462



Residential Villa or apartment Living Room Wall Painting Services in Dubai - Trend 6 home interior painting

Color Reference:
Wall with the windows: Skylight 1624

Let’s say you got a villa with your living room set against sunrise, allowing light into the whole room, illuminating everything in sight. A perfect paint for your wall would be the Skylight. It has a way of allowing the light rays from outside do the job of illuminating your whole villa. Skylight will do just fine with black upholstery, white or grey carpets and grey colored tables. A little touch of brown can be added with the throw pillows. This is just one of the many ideas for villa painting in Dubai that we offer at Osprey Homes. We offer home interior painting services in Dubai and environs. We stick to latest interior home interior painting trends and guarantee you the best home painting money can buy.



Residential Villa or apartment Living RoomWall Painting Services in Dubai - Trend 6 home interior painting

One of the latest trends is the brown play – a mix of lighter shades of brown and the darker shades. This is perfect for those who are conservative with colors, who do not like too many colors expressed in the living room. This is particularly sweet when altered a bit with deep colors like the red drop lightings seen in the picture and the vase besides the upholstery to the right. With us at Osprey Homes, we pay attention to your moods and desires. We take this and give it back to you as an interior that perfectly blows you away. Our expertise cuts across villa painting, home interior painting, silk painting, office painting etc. Our painting services in Dubai are acclaimed and our customers are always left happy. If you need professional home interior painting in Dubai, do not hesitate to reach us.


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