Electrician checking cabling power line

Electrical Services

Electrical Services

We at Osprey Homes Technical Services are providing technical expertise services for Installation and Repair of Control Panels, Installation and Repair of Lights like decoration lights, outdoor and garden lights and chandelier lights.

If you are to consider hiring an Electric Repair and Maintenance company, make sure you will be able to communicate well with the company and tell them what you expect from the job. Osprey Homes Technical Services offers a wide range of Electric Works and Maintenance like:

  • Changing of wires
  • Chandelier lights
  • Lights replacements
  • Wall Sockets
  • Dimmer Switch and more

Installation and Repair of Controls Panels

Osprey Homes Technical Services has the capacity and is equipped with expertise to execute and finish electrical projects successfully. Osprey Homes provide complete electrical works and maintenance services for of long-lasting and multipurpose Panel Boards, Industrial Panel Boards and Control Panel Boards.

Our Electrical Services include: