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Osprey Homes Technical Services provides design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning and maintenance services all across Dubai. We carry out mechanical and electro installation works. We provide MEP works for commercial, residential, industrial and major infrastructure projects in Dubai. AC Maintenance and Repair, Plumbing Services, Mechanical Services all across Dubai.

AC Maintenance Services

The largest and probably the most expensive appliance in your apartment is your AC unit. You probably experienced some major issues with AC maintenance services in the past and you thought you were just taken advantage of or that it is your electricity bill that's making you have a headache and it's not even possible to live in Dubai without air conditioning.

Know what is wrong with your unit


  • Your AC is tripping?
  • The coil is freezing up?
  • Your AC is taking high ampere?
  • Your Electricity consumption is high?
  • The compressor is kicking on and off?
  • Air is not coming & leaking?
  • Your AC blowing hot air?

AC Services

Looking for someone to help in AC installation? Osprey Homes can help you on that.

AC Maintenance

Make your AC unit work as brand new. We will be happy to service you today.

AC Repairing

So your AC unit brokedown and got no one to call? Let Osprey Homes do the repairing for you.

AC Servicing

Because of the sandstorms that happens in Dubai, every AC unit needs AC servicing and cleaning to prevent indoor pollution.